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Welcome to Netfog Dental Clinic!

Our dental clinic is located in Budapest’s 2. district, in the heart of Buda. Come and visit our practice so we can provide you with the best, individualised solution for your teeth problems. Our most important goal is that you have a painless treatment and leave our dentistry satisfied. You can choose from flexible appointment options and we provide full scale dental treatment solutions. We give you guarantee for all the work we do. You have the option to pay with healthcare fund’s card.

Watch this video about our clinic and the work we do. You can also have a virtual tour!

How can we help you?

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Our Services

The NetFog Dental Clinic offers its patients full spectrum dentistry, including esthetic and restorative dentistry, orthodontics, dental surgery, prosthetic and pediatric dentistry.

Children's Orthodontics

It is very important to start orthodontic treatments during childhood…

Pediatric dentistry

Our clinic is also at the cutting edge in the field of preventive dentistry…

Root canal treatment

Root canals are treated until the symptoms disappear…


Replacing missing teeth with an artificial root…

Adult orthodontics

Today’s modern appliances make adult orthodontic treatment possible…


Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is recommended for all age groups, as it is a safe procedure…


Inlays and onlays are the real solution for caries…

Dental crowns and bridges

Everyone has the right to perfect teeth and a perfect chewing ability…

Esthetic filling

Treating a tooth with a cavity as soon as possible can prevent root canal treatment…


Scaling has a great importance in preventing periodontal disease…


In case of an extensive or complete absence of teeth…


Dániel Magyari

Me and my whole family have been going to the Netfog Dental Clinic for a very long time. First my doctor was Dr. Ilona Nádas, then I continued my treatments with Dr. Zsolt Luib, the doctor’s son, with the utmost confidence. Since then he has taken care of my 3 children’s, their spouses’ and my 5 grandchildren’s teeth.

Dániel Magyari

Mónika Borgulya

I chose the Netfog Dental Clinic for my son’s braces at the recommendation of a friend. After his treatment was successfully completed, I also had my teeth examined. I received a personalized treatment plan that offered solutions to all my problems. Friendly, direct, and painless treatments awaited me in a modern and tasteful environment. The treatment plan was implemented at a high standard and in a short period of time. Thanks for letting me smile again!

Mónika Borgulya

Dr. Dalma Laudon

The first time I met the Doctor, Dr. Zsolt Luib, was when I needed urgent dental intervention because of a sore tooth. It’s been a couple of years since then, but I haven’t changed dentists and I’m not planning to because I’m so happy with his job. Since I am afraid of pain, it was important for me that the treatments be painless. Also, I’ve never had to go back to him because of a bad job. For these reasons, it is absolutely worthwhile for me to remain a patient of his.

Dr. Dalma Laudon