Service Price
Treatments free of charge
Consultation 0 HUF
Treatment plan 0 HUF
Price calculation 0 HUF
Prescription 0 HUF
Anesthesia 0 HUF
Checkup 4000 HUF
Digital periapical (small) X-ray 2000 HUF
Panorex 5000 HUF
Esthetic Dentistry
Teeth whitening at the clinic 70000 HUF
Teeth whitening at home (per dental arch) 40000 HUF
Internal whitening (per tooth) 19000 HUF
Dental jewelry 19000 HUF
Airflow polishing 9000 HUF
Scaling (with Airflow polishing) 19000 HUF
Restorative dentistry
Esthetic filling:  
1 surface 19000 HUF
2 surfaces 24000 HUF
3 surfaces 29000 HUF
Temporary filling 10000 HUF
Starting of root canal treatment 20000 HUF
Root canal filling:  
1 root canal 25000 HUF
2 root canals 35000 HUF
3 root canals 45000 HUF
4 root canals 55000 HUF
Root canal rinse (per occasion) 9000 HUF
Fluoridation (per occasion) 5000 HUF
Iontophoresis (fluoridation with device, per occasion) 9000 HUF
Dental Prosthetics
Metal ceramic crown 49000 HUF
Metal ceramic crown for implant 80000 HUF
Zirconium crown (metal free) 75000 HUF
Zirconium crown for implant 120000 HUF
Root canal pin 20000 HUF
Reattaching a crown 9000 HUF
Reattaching a bridge (per ponton) 5000 HUF
Removing crown, bridge (per ponton) 6000 HUF
Dental veneer 59000 HUF
Inlay or Onlay 59000 HUF
Telescopic crown (primer) 45000 HUF
Telescopic crown (secunder) 30000 HUF
Precision mechanical attachment (per piece) 90000 HUF
Denture with metal plate 190000 HUF
Replacing of metal plate’s attachment 25000 HUF
Dental prosthesis (full plate prosthesis) 240000 HUF
Repair of dental prosthesis 35000 HUF
Lining of dental prosthesis 40000 HUF
Temporary crown, made at the clinic (per ponton) 6000 HUF
Temporary crown, made by dental technician (per ponton) 19000 HUF
Attaching patent house for dental prosthesis 20000 HUF
Klips 60000 HUF
Night guard 50000 HUF
Dental surgery
Tooth extraction 19000 HUF
Surgical tooth removal 49000 HUF 49000 HUF
Maxillary sinus closure 49000 HUF
Root apex amputation (resectio) 49000 HUF
Liberation of a tooth 19000 HUF
Opening of abscess 19000 HUF
Frenulectomy 19000 HUF
Gingivectomy 10000 HUF
Placing of strip, Alvogyl 5000 HUF
Strip replacement 5000 HUF
Dental implant surgery (Neo Biotech) 160000 HUF
Implant abutment (Neo Biotech) 40000 HUF
Implant recovery 20000 HUF
Mini implant for dental prosthesis 90000 HUF
Bone grafting using self-absorbant membrane 140000 HUF
Bone grafting using TFP membrane 220000 HUF
Sinuslift (maxillary sinus floor augmentation) 190000 HUF
Periodontal consultation 8000 HUF
Periodontal charting 6000 HUF
Dental curettage (per tooth) 9000 HUF
Dental curettage (per quadrant) 49000 HUF
Open flap curettage (region) 49000 HUF
Splinting of moving teeth (per tooth) 9000 HUF
Orthodontic consultation 10000 HUF
Activation of removable appliance 5000 HUF
Activation of fixed appliance 15000 HUF
Metal fixed orthodontic appliance (per dental arch) 240000 HUF
Esthetic fixed orthodontic appliance (per dental arch) 290000 HUF
Plate with extension screw 80000 HUF
Retention plate 50000 HUF
Bimaxillary appliance 150000 HUF
Palatinal or lingual arch 60000 HUF
Hyrax (rapid palatal expander) 90000 HUF
Headgear, Delaire mask 60000 HUF
Retainer (per dental arch) 30000 HUF
Miniscrew 100000 HUF
Beneplate 150000 HUF
Surgical splint 90000 HUF
Treatment of impacted tooth 90000 HUF
Continuation of treatment started somewhere else 90000 HUF
Pediatric dentistry
Filling of deciduous tooth 15000 HUF
Extraction of deciduous tooth 15000 HUF
Trepanation of deciduous tooth 15000 HUF
Fissure sealant (per tooth) 15000 HUF
Teaching of correct brushing technique 19000 HUF