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Dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges

Everyone has the right to perfect teeth and a perfect chewing ability

Dental crowns are fabricated for teeth that have been root canal treated or have a significant part of their tissue missing. The goal is to replace the missing part in an esthetic way and prevent further damage to the tooth. The purpose of a dental bridge is to replace missing teeth while being attached to the teeth around the gap.

Dental bridges and crowns can be made of different materials:

  • porcelain fused to metal: it is the most common type, reliable and esthetic. It is the most economical solution.
  • porcelain fused to gold: due to its great workability, gold can be cast with greater precision and it is also extremely tissue-friendly. However, due to the precious metal used, it is a costly solution.
  • porcelain fused to zirconium: it is also known as a metal-free dental prosthesis. Since the base itself is white, it is extremely esthetic but due to the more costly fabrication technology, its price is also higher.

The phases of the preparation of dental crowns and bridges at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. Shaping the teeth to a suitable form under local anaesthesia, then taking an impresion of each dental arch.
  2. Using the impressions, the frame of the dental prosthesis is fabricated at the dental technician’s laboratory and, at the next visit, the dentist checks their precision. If everything is in order, the frame is sent back to the dental technician, who then fabricates the final dental bridge or crown, which now looks like it was the patient’s own tooth.
  3. Attaching the finished dental prosthesis using a special glue.

We offer a two-year guarantee for all dental crowns and bridges at the NetFog Dental Clinic.