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Pediatric dentistry

The earlier a child meets her dentist, the less scared they’ll be

The first impression a child gets at a dental clinic is for life. Ideally, this will be a pleasant first meeting. This is why it is important to take your child to the clinic when there is nothing yet wrong with their teeth. Then, in a playful and painless tooth-examination, they can make friends with the clinic and the doctor in the white coat.

If something has already gone wrong, that is no problem either. Patience and attention can solve everything. At our clinic, parents can be present all the way through the treatment and our doctors have great experience in this field, may it be filling or even extracting a baby tooth, or orthodontic treatment.

Our clinic is also at the cutting edge in the field of preventive dentistry. Fissure sealing should be done once the first molars have appeared (at the age of 6-7). We also use a special device for dental fluoridation. In addition, we teach brushing techniques to kids who have not yet learned them properly.