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Adult orthodontics

The process of an orthodontic treatment using a fixed appliance at the NetFog Dental Clinic

  1. Examining the position of the teeth and jaws
  2. On the basis of this information, the doctor draws up a treatment plan and an approximate quote. This consultation is free at the NetFog Dental Clinic!
  3. Taking an impression of the upper and lower dental arches and two specialised X-rays. The model made from the impression and the X-rays allow the doctor to make a detailed and personalised treatment plan. Based on this treatment plan, the exact cost of the treatment can also be calculated.
  4. Attaching the fixed orthodontic appliance to the teeth and informing the patient about all the details of use.
  5.  Another meeting is necessary every 4-6 weeks in order to reset the appliance. This phase of the treatment takes about 2 years.
  6. Removing the fixed appliance from the teeth using a special technique, assuring that there is no injury to the enamel.
  7. The night-time appliance must be worn for a year, which will fully consolidate the teeth in their new place.

A more esthetic appearance will bring you more success in your private life and in your career

A lot of people believe that orthodontic treatment is only possible during childhood but this is not true. Today’s modern orthodontic appliances make adult orthodontic treatment possible and often help avoid tooth extraction.

Another important issue for adults is esthetics. Today there are tooth-coloured, virtually invisible appliances which will have no ill effect on your work or your private life.

For adults, the only efficient treatment method is the use of fixed orthodontic appliances.