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Root canal treatment

An effective treatment for keeping your teeth

When a tooth is inflamed and causes symptoms, the dentist has two options for relieving the pain. One is to remove the tooth, but in this case, replacing it will be a complex and costly task. The other option is applying root canal treatment.

Since teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are no longer alive, they will dry up and become fragile. Unfortunately, in many cases, teeth break off in such an unlucky way that the only solution left is to remove them. If we want to avoid this, then after root canal treatment, it is convenient to provide the tooth with a crown or an overlay covering the full surface of the tooth.

The procedure of root canal treatment at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. At the first meeting, the tooth that has a problem is opened, and the root canals are cleaned using special tools. At the end of the treatment, the tooth is provided with a medicated filling.
  2. Root canals are treated until the symptoms disappear. Then the root filling is made and the tooth gets a longterm temporary filling.
  3. Inlays are fillings made by a dental technician, on the basis of the impression taken by the dentist. Once ready, the dentist glues the inlay into the dental cavity which had previously been suitably prepared inside the tooth.