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The procedure of scaling at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. We desensitise the gums by applying a special, pleasantly fruity anaesthetic gel, for an even more pain-free treatment.
  2. For the removal of tartar, we use a modern device using ultrasound, taking special care and applying watercooling, reoving tartar from every surface of the teeth as gently as possible.
  3. In the next step, for the best esthetic effect, we remove discoloring form the surface of the teeth using a high-pressure salt-water jet.
  4. We finalise scaling by polishing, which will smoothen the surface of the enamel, reducing the risk of tartar re-forming on the teeth.

An important step for preserving dental health

Scaling has a great importance in preventing peridontal disease. It is also the first step in treating an already existing gingivitis. Life quality can also be expected to improve significantly, since gum bleeding and bad breath are often caused by tartar.

Your dentist has an important role in detecting tartar build-up, since the patient does not always notice its presence. For example, one type of tartar typically forms underneath the gums, so diagnosing it requires specific tools and expertise. The doctors at NetFog pay special attention to detecting tartar and warn patients about its presence, then apply a suitable treatment.