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Esthetic fillings

Fillings exactly matching the colour of your teeth

A cavity isn’t always painful or visible, and that is why it is important to see your dentist at least twice a year. The examination is free at the NetFog Dental Clinic, so you can find out if you need an esthetic filling without risk and expense, quickly and easily.

Treating a tooth with a cavity as soon as possible can prevent root canal treatment or extraction and a lot of pain can be avoided. This is perhaps most important for children since a bad first dental treatment is a negative experience for a whole lifetime. This is why children’s cavities must be treated with a special filling, and cavities in their freshly appeared permanent teeth need fissure sealing. In our clinic, pediatric surgery is available, where these treatments can be carried out.

The process of fabricating an esthetic filling at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. A local anaesthetic is carefully administered before the treatment.
  2. Once the tooth has suitably lost sensitivity, a cavity is drilled into it, removing all decayed parts and keeping as much healthy dental tissue as possible. Drilling is always done using water-cooling, in order to protect the tooth.
  3. The surface of the drilled cavity is treated using special materials, rendering it suitable for a perfect adhesion of the esthetinc filling.
  4. The filling is shaped in accordance with anatomic expectations, so that chewing would be as natural as possible, as if you were using your original tooth.
  5. To finalise the treatment, the esthetic filling is polished smooth and shiny, for a perfect comfort and a natural effect.


We offer a four-year guarantee for all fillings made at the NetFog Dental Clinic.