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Children’s orthodontics

Quicker and easier during childhood

It is very important to start orthodontic treatments during chilhood, since this may help avoid the extraction of healthy, permanent teeth or serious surgeries later on. In certain cases, it might be enough to wear a removable appliance and a fixed appliance treatment may not be necessary at a later stage. Another advantage is that children get used to appliances more easily, so the treatment is a more pleasant experience for them.

The typical time for a removable appliance treatment is childhood, apart from a few exceptions. Treatment can be started at the appearance of the first few permanent teeth, which happens, on average, at the age of 6 or 7. This period is important, since several appliances can only bring a suitable result if worn on mixed teeth. This time, depending on the age of the child, can last several years.

In adolescence, when all baby teeth have fallen out, it is time for fixed appliance treatment. At this age bones are more flexible than in adulthood, so the treatment can be carried out faster and more easily. In general, the fixed orthodontic appliance must be worn for 18 months, followed by the use of a removable appliance, to fully consolidate the teeth in their new place.

The orthodontic treatment process at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. In addition to examining the position of the teeth and the jaws, the doctor discusses all relevant questions with the parents (e.g. thumb sucking).
  2. On the basis of this information, the doctor draws up a treatment plan and an approximate quote. This consultation is free at the NetFog Dental Clinic!
  3. Taking an impression of the upper and lower dental arches and two specialised X-rays. The model made from the impression and the X-rays allow the doctor to make a detailed and personalised treatment plan. Based on this treatment plan, the exact cost of the treatment can also be calculated.
  4. Depending on the treatment plan, the removable orthodontic appliance is handed over or the fixed orthodontic appliance is attached to the teeth. The doctor then informs the patient about the use, wearing and cleaning of the appliance.
  5. Depending on the case, another meeting is necessary every 4-8 weeks in order to reset the appliance.