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Tooth Whitening

When the heath of your teeth becomes visible in your smile

Tooth whitening is recommended for all age groups, as it is a safe and efficient procedure. Inside dental tissue, there are tiny canals, invisible to the naked eye. Colourful agents from food, drink and cigarette smoke get deposited in these canals. Since the special tooth whitener simply removes these agents from the teeth, it does not cause the tooth any damage.

Knowing this helps us understand sensitivity that can be experienced after tooth whitening. Since the agents blocking the canals are removed, the chemical and physical stimuli reach the core of the tooth more easily, which is indicated by sensitivity.

The procedure of home tooth whitening at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. An impression of the dental arch is taken, on the basis of which the dental technician prepares a transparent plastic splint.
  2. The splint and the tooth whitener are handed over and the dentist supplies the patient with all relevant information on their use.
  3. At home, the patient repeats the tooth whitening procedure until the desired result is obtained.

Tooth whitening at the NetFog Dental Clinic:

  1. Polishing the surface of the teeth in order to clean them perfectly
  2. Applying a special gum protecting agent
  3. Three times 8 minutes of tooth whitening using the tooth whitener and a plasma lamp for a perfect result.
  4. Removing the gum protecting agent.
  5. Applying a solution to the surface of the teeth in order to prevent increased sensitivity and maintan the effect of the whitening longer.