„Dr. Zsolt Luib’s expertise and politeness is remarkable. I’m an elderly lady, but still, I had always feared going to the dentist. I was recommended the Netfog Dental Clinic by my daughter-in-law. At my first appointment I was testing the clinic and the team in order to find some flaws, because I had not believed that they could be so perfect as I had been told. It’s understandable than that I was surprised because I was greeted with a familiar atmosphere when I first entered. Shortly after I was talking and giggling which is not the usual reaction at the dentist. The doctor treated me with such an empathy that I arrive at Netfog with no fear whatsoever since that day. I feel at home and I know that the treatments are totally painless. Because of all that has been mentioned above I can only recommend the clinic for everyone!”

Ernőné Szabó