„The sound of dreadful drills and painful exclamations had come into my mind when I had heard the words dental treatment. But with the Netfog Dental Clinic team a new dimension opened up and my haunting feelings were replaced by thoughts like ’When can I come next?’ and ’How much I like to come here!’ I would never have thought but during my approximately one-and-a-half-year-long treatment (tooth extraction, orthodontics, bone replacement, implant replacement, dental bridge and denture replacement and tooth whitening) I always left the clinic in District II as a satisfied patient in a very good mood and without any pain. We began the well-planned and complicated treatment in May 2018. Dr. Zsolt Luib told me what the end result would be by the end of 2019. I could only hope that it would be so but his expertise yielded the result and the treatment was a success and we were both 100% satisfied.”

Balázs Fekete