Some people are brave enough to try removing tartar at home with DIY methods instead of seeking the help of a dentist or dental hygienist.

Few examples of DIY methods

There are a few examples circulating on the internet that are definitely not recommended by Netfog professionals for use as a scaling treatment or as a substitute for professional scaling removal:

  • Brushing/rinsing with baking soda
  • Brushing/rinsing with hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Brushing/rinsing with vinegar
  • Brushing with salt
  • Using mouthwash
  • Using dental picks

It can be dangerous

The materials and tools used for at-home tartar removal are not only ineffective but can also cause more harm than good. There are also several risks involved with attempting to remove tartar at home. Doing so can damage the tooth, gums, or even the periodontium, and we may mistakenly believe that we have cleaned our teeth completely. 

Thorough tartar removal

Thorough tartar removal requires proper equipment and expertise that cannot be achieved at home. Even Netfog’s dentists and dental hygienists entrust the cleaning to their highly experienced colleagues at the clinic.

Since tartar can also develop under the gums and adhere strongly to the tooth surface, it is impossible to remove it entirely at home. In the worst-case scenario, gum disease can develop, resulting in constant inflammation, bone loss around the teeth, and ultimately, tooth loss.

Leave it to the experts at Netfog!

The safest and most effective way to remove tartar is to take the time to visit a dental clinic and entrust a dentist or dental hygienist with the task. Proper tartar removal in the clinic requires special equipment developed for this purpose.

Trust the Netfog experts, and the tartar removal will be entirely safe and risk-free! Additionally, a dental examination can reveal any other possible dental problems (such as tooth decay, abscessed teeth, etc.) so that they can be addressed in time before they become more serious.

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